Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Boy

How can my baby be 10-months old already? Sawyer has been crawling for a while now and is in to absolutely everything. He still has a super-sweet disposition ( as long as he is not teething ) but he is definitely all boy and has a bit of a naughty streak. He like cars, balls and blocks, LOVES taking baths and always makes a bee-line to the thing he isn't supposed to touch. He has a sweet tooth, although there isn't much he doesn't like to eat. Most of all he loves Snow. I try very hard not to be offended when he screams if I try to remove him from his Father's arms. I can't really blame him...I like Snow quite a bit myself!

Best Buddies

I am happy to report that the warm fuzzies have not worn off for Saylor yet. She still LOVES her little brother and is an excellent helper. She often prays that "Sawyer can grow up to be a kid to play with me" .

Slacking on my Posting...Here is Easter

I have no excuse for the fact that it has been over 2 months since my lasts posts. I can only say that I caught coupon fever and have been to occupied with snagging deals to blog! We had a great Easter. Since it was conference weekend I never had my kids dressed in their finery for a picture. Here is Saylor dyeing Easter Eggs, she chose a "monster making" egg set of course.

Both of my kiddos had good luck finding eggs full of goodies. Much to my waist-line's regret I think I finished off the last of the chocolate eggs yesterday.

We tried to spend the appropriate time discussing the Resurrection but Saylor became so obsessed and then freaked out by the thought of death. We will have to take a new approach next year!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tricking the Tooth Fairy

Saylor's cousin Gabbi recently lost a tooth and Saylor was in awe when she learned from Gabs about a sneaky visitor called the tooth fairy. You may have heard of her--she is the crazy lady that trades cash for chompers. Saylor came up with an ingenious plan to trick the tooth fairy using a cotton ball. In Saylor's estimation a cotton ball looks very much like a tooth if you tie it into a small ball with some string. She thought the best way to overcome the texture issue (pillow-soft vs very hard) was to coat the ball with a little Elmer's glue and let it dry. It really is too bad that the tooth fairy doesn't reward ingenuity but sadly the fake tooth is still under the purple pumpkin pillow.

Family Swim Night

As I have posted before, Snow has decided it is part of his fatherly duties to teach our kids how to swim. Saylor has made great progress under her daddy's tutelage but on this night Sawyer wanted to get in on the action.

Sleepy Saylor

There is a problem with Saylor's current stage--it is her refusal to nap. I know, I have little room to complain since she is now 4 and napped without complaint up to this point. But, as you can tell from this photo, her little body isn't really up to the challenge of staying awake until bedtime (not to mention the crank-fest we have from 4 o'clock on!). I made her dinner (yes it is Kraft mac n cheese...but I did add broccoli, much to her dismay) and went downstairs to do something (OK, OK, I was checking my e-mail, not doing laundry or anything legit). When I came back up this is how I found her. And BTW, there is an unchewed bite of broccoli in her mouth. Apparently this dinner was a snooze!

Sweet Little Sitter

I cannot believe that Sawyer is creeping up on 8 months already. I don't know where the time goes...well actually most of my time goes into keeping this little man's tummy full and diaper dry. He is now an accomplished sitter. He is really the most good-natured baby with a smile that, pardon the cliche, lights up a room. He eats like a champ which is how he has gotten his tank-like physique. While his belly gets bigger, his hair gets blonder and yes, I do love a baby faux-hawk! He now sleeps from 7-7 which is AMAZING and those chunky cheeks are just as delicious to smooch as they look. I love this little man!